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Spirited 50 Fest

Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Left: Carlene Davis in animated conversation with Nirva Ready (singer with Toby Mac). Right: Papa San delivers the 'word' in fine style at the Kingston edition of the Best Dressed 50 Fest, held on the lawns of King's House last Saturday. - Colin Hamilton photos

Toby Mac diving off stage and his DiverCity band throwing water into the crowd definitely added to the excitement at the Best Dressed 50 Fest at the East King's House Lawn on Sunday.

Their actions were unexpected, but well received by the crowd that was enjoying their performance. With his unconventional look and rock inspired music, Toby Mac started his set, chanting 'I am a white boy that loves Jesus'.

Jumping, kicking and stomping were also part of their performance as they sang songs like I Got A Ticket To God and I want To Be In The Light. They also did a few songs from the 70s like Good Times, Play That Funky Music and Rollercoaster, while adding some hip-hop moves to the mix. He noted that his song Jesus Freak was chastised by some Christians but explained that there was nothing wrong with being a 'Jesus Freak'. The performance of the song had people jumping and waving.

Before Toby Mac and the DiverCity band's wild set, there were some calmer but just as spirited performances from local reggae gospel artistes and choirs.

The show was started by the Salem Baptist Choir who were followed by the Kencot Seventh-day Adventist Youth Choir. They paved the way for Prodigal Son who excited the more than 100,000 people present.

Everybody wave

A section of the mammoth crowd lifts hands in praise.

He received a warm welcome from a crowd that sang his songs word for word. During Ready Long Time the people jumped and waved their rags of all colours, thereby providing a beautiful view.

The intensity grew with the fast-paced Ketch A Fire and Lift Jesus Higher. Prodigal dedicated I Wish to 'all the hard-core people weh a listen Prodigal long-time' and asked them to 'get mad for Jesus'.

He exited the stage and made way for Carlene Davis whose voice was on key for songs like Rock Me Jesus, Lift Your Voice and My Forever Friend. She was joined on-stage by dancers Shady Squad and Sponge Bob when she performed Glory Glory. The crowd requested an encore but this was not possible due to the tight schedule.

After the ministry from Luis Palau, the long-awaited reggae gospel pioneer Papa San took the stage. Upon entering the stage he had the audience in frenzy. He had them shaking imaginary tambourins as they gave God praise.

He deejayed one of his new songs From Mi Little Teeni Weeni an' a Grow, which had verses that showcased his lyricism. He also danced the ska, while he did a gospel version of Simmer Down before singing Hail Him Up and God and I.

Members of the crowd were still dancing as they left the venue at 10 p.m. They had enjoyed a day that was filled with food, stunts and powerful messages.

Timothy and 'aunty' Karen Hutchinson

Toby Mac signs autographs after his performance.

These ladies would not be left out of the fun at the show.

Marie 'Twiggy' Elliot with Stephen Brown and Ali enjoy the vibes and each other.

May 6, 2008

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