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'I'm not mad' - Don Corleon denies rumours of illness

Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter


Producer Donovan 'Don Corleon' Bennett has spoken out against what he calls 'stupid' rumours regarding his mental state.

The producer says, contrary to widespread rumours, he is not a patient at a mental institution. This is the second time in two weeks that he has had to deny the rumour.

Speculation has been running rampant on the Internet and radio over the last two days that Corleon was committed to Ward 21 at the University Hospital of the West Indies. The rumour cites that the producer was being treated at the institution because he was in a deranged state of mind and imagining things.

Corleon, who is the owner of Vendetta Studio, firmly denies being a mental patient.

"That's stupid because I was in America for a week and a half. So people are just talking things. The only thing I am mad about is music," he told The STAR yesterday.

When asked how the rumour got started Corleon said, "Mi couldn't tell yuh why dem a seh dat. Mi woulda love fi know to, bout mi mad. Wi need fi uplift one another as Jamaican, a dat wi need fi do."

Only last week it was being rumoured that Don Corleon was at odds with Munga Honourable, for whom he has produced songs like Bad From Mi Born, Wine Pon It, Talk Dem A Talk, Flipping Rhymes, Nuh Fraid and Take My Place.

He dispelled these claims saying, "I think that the reason for this is people didn't see him on my new riddim 'Double Joint', so people jump to conclusions."

Don Corleon was also quick to dismiss the another rumour that he married singer Alaine at a secret ceremony held in The Bahamas last weekend. He says this is just another thing that people have made up.

Nonetheless, he continues to make sweet music with her as, together, they produced a one-drop rhythm called 'Secrets'.

"I heard her playing something on the piano so I told her to let us make a rhythm off it. She is just another musician and she is my artiste," he said.

The rhythm features artistes like Queen Ifrica, Pressure, Morgan Heritage, D-Major, Jah Cure, Alaine, TOK and Buju Banton. It will be released within a week.

The Vendetta camp, including Munga, Pressure, Alaine and Don Corleon, will leave for a Japanese tour on Tuesday, after which they will head to Los Angeles.

Don Corleon was also proud to say that a video would be shot for Girlicious' Leave You Alone. The music was done by him while the lyrics were done by Pressure. The band Girlicious came out of an American reality TV series aired on CW Network that was created by the Pussycat Dolls.

May 16, 2008

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