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GIRL BATTLES DUPPY AT SCHOOL? ❒ Principal investigates alleged 'spirit incident'
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GIRL BATTLES DUPPY AT SCHOOL? ❒ Principal investigates alleged 'spirit incident'

A prominent high school in St Thomas was the scene of high drama yesterday as a female student allegedly 'got into the spirit' because demons were said to be at the institution.

One community member said that, "The girl get inna spirit over deh (the school), cuz dem a dig up the land and dem mussi touch a grave and the duppy get loose inna the school, so she had to counter the duppy spirit as she a Christian".

The STAR understands that about 10 a.m., a grade-nine female student started speaking in tongues as a spirit (ghost) had entered the school compound.

Demon possessed?

Students say it was a frantic moment, as they were not sure whether it was demons that had possessed the girl or if she was getting mad. Some other students, however, found it to be rather amusing.

When THE STAR visited the institution, many students were seen going home, however, it could not be ascertained whether they were on the morning shift or whether they were going home because of the excitement that had occurred.

The school's principal confirmed the incident saying, "I am not sure what took place here this morning because I was not in the classroom. The only thing I know is that everyone had a different version of what happened. I called my teachers into a meeting and discussed how we should approach the issue and we decided the best way is to make everyone have their say as there is no truth or fact to the existence of demons."

Blood ritual

The principal also told THE STAR that people are concluding that the student 'got into spirit' as the school is currently undergoing some building construction which would require a 'blood shedding process' of an animal being killed so as to satisfy the demons.

The principal confirmed that he had heard that blood should be shed when a construction is taking place, but he does not know whether that has caused the student to react the way she did. He said he had not met with the student as yet but there are people who are saying she may need counselling or prayer. He said the school will be willing to help in this regard.

June 4, 2008

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