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DJ Nicholas' wife is the Supportive Sandra

Nicholas 'DJ Nicholas' Eccleston and wife Sandra at the Montego Bay leg of the Best Dressed 50 Fest recently. - richard morais

Life is good for STAR of the month DJ Nicholas and his wife Sandra.

Married for three years Sandra is always supportive of DJ Nicholas' career, working alongside him on a day-to-day basis.

"My wife does my bookings, she also does a certain amount of administrative work as well. She is always on the road with me and travels with me overseas. My marriage helps to keep me focused," Nicholas told THE STAR.

Introduced by a friend five years ago, the couple remains close and loving. While the couple doesn't have any children yet, according to Nicholas they are definitely looking forward to having children in the future.

A usual part of any artiste's career is the adoring female fans, but DJ Nicholas says he doesn't have women throwing themselves at his feet as he doesn't encourage flirting women.

Divorce views

With the recent news of fellow gospel artiste Prodigal and his wife's separation THE STAR asked DJ Nicholas for his views on divorce.

Personally for Nicholas he doesn't support divorce.

He said, "The Bible says the only way a couple should get divorced is if one has committed adultery. I don't believe a couple should divorce over little disagreements or arguments.

Even if a partner commits adultery one should try to find it in your heart to forgive."

- K.H

June 18, 2008

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