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ANOTHER TV HOST WITH X-RATED PHOTOS - Semi-nude pictures being circulated via instant messenger

X-rated footage is being circulated of yet another popular entertainment television host.

Semi-nude pictures have been circulating via Instant Messenger featuring a female host on a local station. Persons have been receiving the link through their instant messaging services which, when clicked on goes directly to four pictures of the host.

Face is clearly seen

In the pictures the host's face is clearly seen and easily identifiable. In the first picture she is reclining on what appears to be a couch with the upper part of her body fully exposed.

The second photo shows her sitting up and using her hand to cover her breasts. In the third photo she is standing in a side profile in a shirt and underwear, while the last photo shows the host reclining again with her upper body exposed.

When contacted by the STAR, the popular host said that she had just been made aware of the situation. She, however, declined to speak further stating, "no comment".


The images have apparently been-uploaded-though ImageShack which, according to, is the world's 5th largest photo-hosting site. ImageShack makes the process of uploading and sharing images extremely simple as almost all image formats are accepted. The only restriction is that files must be smaller than 1.5MB. The images can also be uploaded from via email and camera phones.

The latest x-rated pictures comes on the heels of the popular video clip showing another entertainment host performing oral sex. A sex video with a local comedian and his girlfriend was also being circulated recently.

July 11, 2008

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