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Miss Kitty is back!

Krista Henry, Staff Reporter

The 'fluffy one', Miss Kitty is getting set to return to radio, as she recently landed a prime time spot on RJR 94FM.

The popular personality is ready and raring to go with her new afternoon programme on Radio Jamaica (RJR).

After being fired from her show 'The Entertainment Office' on Nationwide News late May, following a disagreement with the heads of Nationwide News, Miss Kitty, whose real name is Khadine Hylton, is back on air again.

When THE STAR spoke with Miss Kitty she was ecstatic to be with RJR, revealing that her show will be in the prime-time spot of 2-5 p.m., Mondays to Fridays.

While not confirmed, Miss Kitty believes the show will be called 'Ketch A Fire' and will follow the format of her last show bringing music and entertainment to afternoon radio. "I'm just coming with a little entertainment in the afternoon, bringing something different into it, I'm bringing myself cause I can't be anyone but Miss Kitty" she said.

Valued addition

When contacted Francois St Juste, RJR General Manager of Radio, confirmed that Miss Kitty will be on RJR 94FM and eluded that the show would begin 'very shortly.' He told THE STAR why Miss Kitty would be a valued addition saying, "we think she's fun, she'll be entertaining and it's partly about some of the things we want to do which is to inform and entertain, which I think she will do."

According to Miss Kitty, she is very grateful for the opportunity and would like to thank her fans and family who have supported her throughout her brief departure from radio. As for working on RJR, she sees this as coming full circle in her career, having begun in entertainment with a programme called 'Frank And Upfront' and 'Youth Factor' on RJR.

"I feel good about being on RJR, I started there and went elsewhere so it's back to where I started. I am also humbled because RJR is a foundation station, I know we will find a way to entertain everyone. Afternoon radio is RJR and Miss Kitty," she said.

As for viewers, Miss Kitty says they can expect her usual diva behaviour along with a few surprises as she has a few tricks up her 'sleeve and skirt.'

Outside of radio, Miss Kitty is busy working as a VJ for RETV, and is looking forward to a host of emcee duties for the summer and being a judge once more on Magnum Kings and Queens which resumes in November. She is also working on a show for the overseas market.

July 15, 2008

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