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What do Usain and Asafa mean?

file photos: Asafa and Usain

When we hear the names Asafa and Usain we automatically think about their blisttering speed, but have you ever stopped to consider what their names mean?

World 100m record holder Usain Bolt and former world record holder, Asafa Powell, both have unusual names, so THE STAR did some research to uncover their meanings.

We found out a bit of information that some of you might have already known, but for those who are in the dark, did you know?

Usain Bolt:

The name 'Usain' was picked out for the sprinter by his aunt, Betsy Davis.

When The Star contacted her yesterday, she said that she could not immediately recall what the name meant, jokingly stating it was 22 years ago that she chose it. She did, however, mention that the runner's pet name, 'Vijay', was a Hindi word/name meaning 'victory'.

Asafa Powell:

While attempts to contact the star athlete's parents were not successful, postings on a website dedicated to the former 100m world record holder revealed that the name 'Asafa', means 'To rise to the occasion'. It is of African origin.

With names with the meanings 'Victory' and 'Rise to the occasion', it seems that they were destined to be champion athletes for Jamaica.

August 16, 2008

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