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george henry - Prophetess Lona Copeland-Blake


For a Jamaican Christian to be anointed as a 'prophetess' by an American and a world renowned televangelist must be not only a blessing, but a most wonderful feeling.

Well, such was the case when Clarendon, British-based pastor Lona Copeland-Blake was anointed by the well watched and listened to international prophetess, Dr Juanita Bynum.

Reverend Copeland-Blake, who hails from Ritchies in Spaldings, Clarendon, and who has been a pastor in London for almost 11 years, was anointed on June 13 at the Mount Zion Apostolic Church in Bedford England, as a major international prophetess by the charismatic, no-nonsense Bynum, when the Clarendon woman least expected it.

"For her to come down to meet me and anoint me, she would have to be sent by God, as Elijah was sent by God to anoint Elisha," noted the newly anointed prophetess.

Prophetess Copeland-Blake told THE STAR that Bynum passed on the mantle as a prophetess to her, while she (Bynum) was attending a conference in England, where the experienced prophetess was the guest speaker. She pointed out that Dr Bynum knew nothing about her prior to anointing her to take up the new title.

"Juanita Bynum did not know me. She only knew that she would come to London on two different trips to minister to 11 or 12 different pastors, and I was amongst those that God would have her minister to," explained the prophetess.

She added that at the time of her anointing, she was shocked to learn that the sacred act of passing on the mantle of prophetess to her would have taken place. Copeland-Blake explained further that when Dr Bynum called her for her anointing, she was sitting in the congregation and in the front row when the seasoned prophetess came to her and said, "woman of God, what are you doing, where are you with your ministry".


"I was shocked and she said: "woman of God; God is calling you to a higher place'; and then she started to anoint me. She anointed me, and she anointed me; and I fell under the anointing because it was too much for me. She anointed my stomach, she anointed my belly, she anointed my seat; and at the end of the anointing I got up and she continued to anoint me," said Copeland-Blake.

She also said God has been speaking to her about Jamaica, saying that the country needs a special anointing to bring it out of the spiritual ghetto in which it is in. The church leader said God has been calling her for a long time to come to Jamaica with a deliverance ministry that will help to set the captives free.

Copeland-Blake added that there are churches in Jamaica that need to be liberated, people who call themselves Christians who need to hear from God and to be able to deliver men and women from bondage. God she said is now ready to release her to Jamaica because, according to her, she has seen it in the spirit.

"There is a work here that God will have me to do. I have seen it in the spirit, and I believe in my whole heart that the time is now. When I see my people in such bondage, I know that I have to come to deliver them. I am in the season now where I am seeking the face of God in preparation for me to come home," said the prophetess.

She stressed that God has spoken to her about Mandeville despite there being work to do in Kingston. However, according to her, unless God shows her a sign that He is sending her to Kingston, she has not heard God tell her that He is sending her to Kingston. She believes God wants her to start a work in Mandeville.

She believes that church leaders and members need to get out of the walls of their churches and go on the streets to spread the gospel.

September 13, 2008

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