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Beenie to be a granddad - 17-y-o daughter pregnant - Another deejay said to be the father

It appears that Moses 'Beenie Man' Davis is soon to be a grandfather. The deejay's daughter, who turned 17 last week, is rumoured to be pregnant for popular deejay Aidonia.

Aidonia has, however, denied that he is the father.

When contacted, Aidonia's manager and brother, Lav said, "He is not the babyfather. She is only 16-year-old, so why would Aidonia be involved with somebody that young? Furthermore, we are family with Beenie Man, nothing more. We are close family with Beenie Man, so I don't know where people are getting this from."

Lav said other persons, including members of the media, had been calling the deejay for confirmation of the rumours. He said the rumour would not affect Aidonia's career.

No effects

"It won't affect his career in any way. As I said, Beenie is like family. Aidonia has been going through a lot of things over the years, so this is just one more thing that he will have to get over," he said.

Rumours quietly began circulating that Beenie's daughter was pregnant for the popular artiste last week.

When THE STAR spoke to a source close to Beenie Man, he confirmed that the deejay's daughter was expecting (for a well-known deejay). The source said, "She's pregnant and she's overseas in Florida staying with a relative."

Beenie Man, who is currently in New Jersey, USA, for a show, was unavailable for comment up to press time.


However, according to the source, 'The Doctor' was shocked to discover the news of his child's pregnancy but has since adjusted to the situation. The source explained that Beenie has been on tour back to back and it was when he recently came off tour that he heard that his daughter was pregnant.

"As a father, to know your 17-year-old is pregnant, worse when yuh have good ambitions for her of going to college, it's not something you take so easy, but it's a given part of life ... . He was shocked," the source said.

When asked if Beenie was going to support his daughter, the source commented: "Beenie is gonna be supportive. He just has to live with it and support her all the way, let her know that this is not the end of her life and she's gonna continue school."

According to the source, he didn't believe this would affect Beenie's career in any way.

hi5 page

Photos posted on the daughter's hi5 page also confirmed the pregnancy. The daughter, whose photos were proudly displayed on the page in a folder titled 'Sexy Mother', is seen lying on a bed, her protruding stomach very visible. There is also a photo of the ultra-sound posted on the page. The ultrasound bears her name, as well as the name of the doctor who performed the procedure, and the date it was done, September 2. The image of the foetus is clearly defined.

September 23, 2008

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