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Rising Stars history
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Rising Stars history

Nathaniel Stewart Photos - Cameal Davis (left), the 2008 winner in the Digicel Rising Stars competition is given a congratulatory hug by her mother, Juliet Brown.

Second place winners Kahlil congratulates the first ever female winner in the Digicel Rising Stars competition, Cameal Davis.

Host Yendi Phillipps (left) is all smiles as Cameal Davis (centre) is presented with her winning cheque for one million dollars by Digicel's CEO, Mark Lineham.

Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Both the Courtleigh Auditorium and Mas Camp were in frenzy when red-confetti showered Cameal Davis was announced as the 2008 Digicel Rising Star's winner last night.

Denham Town's Cameal, who is the first woman to win the competition, seemed to be the favoured contestant from the start of the results show when her name was announced.

The crowd screamed, shouted and whistled when the final result was announced. The winner cried and thanked the people who supported her throughout the competition.

standing ovation

When she sang Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance With Somebody and Jennifer Hudson's Spotlight, the crowd danced and sang along. Members of the crowd showed their appreciation when they gave the singer a standing ovation. To close the show, she sang Yolanda Adam's I Rise, which was an appropriate end to the night.

Kahlil, who performed first, sang Lionel Richie's Hello and an a capella version of Red Rat's cover of In The Jungle. The performance was well received and the group made the crowd move.

Though not winners, the members of Kahlil were proud of themselves and happy that they were second to a talented singer like Cameal.

"A really time wan girl win, and mi glad a she win it. She is very, very talented. I don't feel like we lose, losing to her," said a beaming Delvan Brydson, a member of Kahlil.

Cameal was also proud of what she was able to accomplish.

"The feeling is amazing. I am elated. It's hard to explain what I am feeling inside. The only thing that can explain it is tears. I am grateful to everybody who voted for me," said Cameal, who was entering the competition for the third time.

musical studies

Twenty-two-year-old Cameal said she intends to continue music. In addition, she plans to go to school, possibly Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, to learn about the business aspect of music. She plans to do positive things with her money.

She won $1 million, the chance to record and release two singles, a music video, a mobile phone with $100,000 worth of Digicel call credit and a six-month scholarship with Joy Music.

"It's great that a girl finally won. The cream rose to the top and both of these two in their different capacities were the best. Apart from being great competitors, they are good examples of young people. I am in a good mood," said Rising Stars judge Nadine Sutherland.

Anthony Miller was also pleased with the result. He said: "I think she deserved to win. I am glad she won. It really doesn't matter to me if a girl or a guy wins the competition. The best person deserves to win and I think Jamaica made the best choice."

The same sentiment was shared by fellow judge Clyde McKenzie who said: "If you were out on the street, you would get the impression you got that she would have won. Both Kahlil and Cameal were worthy contenders and they brought a certain energy to the competition."

Her proud mother Juliet Brown, who was standing through most of her performance, was very happy.

"I am overwhelmed," she said. "I am really happy that she is the first female to win Digicel Rising Stars. I always encourage her to sing. Sometimes when she is inside singing, it really annoys me, but knowing that she entered Rising Stars and win, I just want to hear her sing, sing and never stop."

October 4, 2008

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