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A century of laughter

Louise Edwards - krista henry

"She kind to me. She always gimme har food." This was how four-year-old Ruel Reid described his grandmother Louise 'Aunt Lou, Lou' Edwards, who is 102.

Life in Denham Town is apparently fun for Aunt Lou as she stated: "Mi a joker eh nuh. Mi love laugh." Laughter must be the recipe for Edwards' long life and she said being a centenarian is a glorious moment for her.

When the STAR visited Edwards' home, the smile on her face was enough to allay any fears one may have had. She apparently knew that the STAR would be visiting, because she said smiling: "Mi glad unnu come. Mi happy, man." She added: "As a young person, I grew up on Beeston Street and I used to wash and iron for a living. I was never interested in parties. Mi always a go mi church."

God is good

Aunt Lou Lou said God is good and He is the one who has been keeping her so long. Edwards added that at times she would read her Bible. Edwards, who attends the Regent Street, Seventh-day Church of God, says: "Mi love mi church and mi fellow members. God is so good."

Relatives agree that, unlike some centenarians, Edwards, is a humble and fun-loving person who is never miserable. As such, they are happy to have her around, as she is no trouble at all. One grandchild intervened and said: "When mi gi trouble, Lou Lou find the mop stick and just beat me with it, but that ah when mi ah trouble or play wid har." Another exclaimed: "Mi love Aunt Lou!" He then turned to her and said: "Lou Lou, mi love you, you hear."

Familial love

The love emanating from the family could be strongly felt. Aunt Lou's caretaker, Una Brown, although not her biological daughter, loves the centenarian as one. Brown declared that Edwards was a woman of strong character who showed her a lot of kindness when she was young.

Brown's daughter, Genie, compounded her mother's statement by saying: "Although we don't have it, I don't mind my mother looking after her because, I remember as a child she was very kind to us and she always made us feel loved. I don't know what happened to her children, or if she had any, but we have always been taking care of her."

In closing, Edwards told the STAR: "I love mi chicken and rice and peas and now mi jus eat off the meat off the bone." And centenarians do have a favourite food, as Edwards exaggerated how much she loves the red (cherry) ice cream.

Centenarian Louise Edwards and her grandsons (from left) Ruel Reid, Shemoy Smith and Damoy Bernard. - Kimoni Harris

October 6, 2008

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