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Mavado endorses 'Gully Side Wear'

Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Mavado - contributed

After months of speculation, light has finally been shed on the new clothing line, 'Gully Side Wear'.

The clothing line was not Mavado's idea, but the artiste says he fully endorses it because it is something that will help the Cassava Piece (Gully Side) community. The clothing line is named after the community he has made popular in his songs,

"A di youth dem start it but me just a endorse it 'cause a Gully Side and the youth dem have talent. Dem can help themselves by making things happen," Mavado told THE STAR.

"Me is a very busy man. Mi just deh yah fi do the financing. A (Franklin) Garnett and mi sister Joey (Brooks) do the management," he added.

According to the designer, Franklin Garnett: "A me and de deejay (Mavado) idea. Me design the thing dem and him love it. It started last year dem time yah, but wi just put out the appropriate thing weh ready fi di market and the deejay fully endorse it."

Garnett also noted that the line will be launched in December at Mavado's birthday bash.

The line comprises a range of ready-to-wear items including T-shirts, baby Ts, cotton shorts, caps and bags of various designs.

Community initiative

Garnett says it was started as a community initiative and residents of Cassava Piece will benefit from it.

"It start out like a community thing, but when we wear it in the streets is just excitement and people just want it. So we decide fi just do things," Garnett said.

"It will benefit the community and people in the area already get work from it," he said.

Likewise, Mavado believes the community can benefit from the project.

"Dis will benefit the whole community by providing jobs fi de youth dem. De whole Jamaica is a gully side and wi a go tek it as far as we can tek it," he said.

Garnett says people are already interested in buying the items, which cost a minimum of $1,500. The price varies depending on the design. He said a distribution deal for the clothing line is now being discussed.

In addition, Gully Side, which is a registered trademark, will also start distributing its rolling paper, used to wrap tobacco and other items for smoking.

"A di youth dem start it but me just a endorse it 'cause a gully side and the youth dem have talent.


October 29, 2008

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