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Stephen McGregor

Stephen McGregor - Ian Allen

Real Name: Stephen McGregor

Birth Date: January 6

STAR: How did you get started in the business?

Stephen: "Just from being around music. I started out as a deejay at five, with the song School Done Rule, which went on the compilation Reggae For Kids. I then got into production from around age 10, 11. I find it more comfortable being behind di scenes."

STAR: What has been your greatest challenge in the business yet?

Stephen: "Probably just regular industry politics, criticism; trying to break away from the whole 'last name' ting."

STAR: What have you been up to lately?

Stephen: "Juggling riddims, singles such as Chino's Ruff It Up, Protected, Call We Name, and from Laden Time To Shine and Really Like You. Sheema's new single, Singing to Myself will be out soon. A whole host of singles out and upcoming riddims."

STAR: "Do you look up to any specific artistes?

Stephen: "Artistes like Stevie Wonder, for his arrangements; how he puts things together even in his condition, his instrumentation, everyting."

STAR: Are you happy with the way things are going for your career?

Stephen: "Yeah man!"

STAR: Do you have any advice for young artistes coming up?

Stephen: "Just like in any business, in order to stand out you must offer something different. Your melodies and lyrics must be on par and current, or beyond that."

STAR: Where do you see your career in the future?

Stephen: "Far! Doing what I'm doing now on a wider and broader scale. Hopefully by then all artistes are on that level."


November 14, 2008

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