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DUPPY ATTENDS FUNERAL - Ghost giggles, runs across video during service

Marlon Vickerman, Star Writer

"Bwoy, mi neva believe inna duppy but when mi see dis mi convince. The devil nuh ave nuh manners," said Jenine Scott, one of the persons who attended the funeral of the late Yolanda Samuels on October 26.

The service, which was held at the Fullerswood Church of God of Redemption in St Elizabeth, went quite normal for the most part. However, it was after Scott, the videographer, and others were reviewing the recording of the funeral later that evening that they made the jaw-dropping, eye-popping and head-swelling discovery. They said there was a 'duppy' in the video.

"Nobody in the church neva see or hear it," Scott noted before playing the video for The Star's review. In the video, a female soloist was standing in front of Samuel's coffin rendering an item. Shortly after, a black, unclear, smoky feminine-looking figure bolted from the left of screen, with hands thrown in the air, giggling, before running out of sight.

Original recording

The laughter let out by the alleged 'spirit' sounded rather eerie, reminiscent of those heard in horror movies. It was obvious that the singer did not see the figure as she continued singing undisturbed.

"It doesn't look human," Scott added and she was right. In the five-second clip, which she copied from the original recording and gave to the newspaper, there was something freakishly unusual about the right hand of the suspected duppy.

It appeared to have two tentacles as opposed to fingers and although the figure was closer to the camera than the singer in the background, it was extremely difficult to make out the facial features. It did not appear to be wearing any clothes either. Persons who reviewed the clip are convinced that it was not a hoax.

'Scott said that the figure captured was indeed a 'spirit'. She said that no one who attended the funeral recalled seeing anyone running across the pew or laughing while the soloist was singing. Not only that, but they firmly believe the ghost was that of Samuels, who was a homeless drug addict and rumoured prostitute (She was stabbed to death on October 4). "A same suh she gwaan," one person said. "When she see yuh, she jump out and she laugh an gwaan. A fi her duppy dat."

Hoax or reality, the clip is definitely worth a view.


November 17, 2008

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