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Super bash for Stephen

Stephen and mother, Judith McGregor, cut the cake. - Krista Henry Photos

'Di Genius', super producer Stephen McGregor celebrated his 19th birthday in a star-studded get-together at the Big Ship studios in Havendale on Tuesday.

There were tons of 'big ups to Stephen' throughout the night from the entertainers and friends who showed up.

The McGregor family was also present, with father Freddie, sister Shema and brother Chino on hand to ensure the event ran smoothly. Stephen also made the rounds, laughing with friends and having a 'mad' time.

Nicco Bam Bam, among other selectors, kept the vibe going well into 2 a.m., as the STAR spotted entertainers such as Mavado, Bounty Killer, Aidonia, Tifa, Timberlee, Natalie Storm, Gyptian, Kiprich, Raine Seville, Leftside, Spragga Benz, Shane O, Laden, Farenheit, Tony Matterhorn and others. Personalities such as Nikki Z and Milk were also present and fellow producers Russian and Equiknoxx also came out to wish Stephen a happy 19th.

-Krista Henry

Left: Fellow producer Russian poses for the camera. Right: Nikki Z stepped out in black to say happy birthday to Stephen.

DASECA's Raine Seville is sandwiched by Mavado and Bounty Killer at the bash.

Tony Matterhorn came to show his support.

Kiprich and Freddie McGregor 'hold a reasoning' at the bash.


January 8, 2009

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