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Rhone excited about World Netball Series

Molly Rhone - File


Netball's world head, Molly Rhone of Jamaica, is embracing the first-ever World Netball Series that will be staged later this year at the MEN Arena.

Designed to impact the sport the way limited-over matches have enhanced world cricket, the World Netball Series from October 9-11 will feature six of the world's top-rated teams competing with a number of innovative rule changes for a faster, television friendly spectacle.

Fantastic opportunity

"This is a fantastic opportunity for us to further showcase our sport to the world and we are eagerly looking forward to October when we welcome the top six teams to Manchester," said Rhone, president of the International Federation of Netball Associations.

The series will involve world number one Australia, New Zealand, England, Jamaica, Samoa and Malawi and will be played over four six-minute quarters, a departure from the standard 15 minutes each quarter for regular internationals.

"It is a moment in history for us, as it is the first time the best teams from all around the globe will gather to compete in a new faster format of netball."

Rhone expects satisfaction from the fans.

Truly entertained

"This event promises three days packed with action, excitement and drama. We envisage that everybody who experiences a match, either on TV or at the MEN Arena will be truly entertained and will love this new international competition," she said.

The tournament is not to be confused with the World Netball Championship which has its next staging in Singapore in 2011.


January 12, 2009

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