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FiWi Choice Top Ten

The results, following the first week of voting for Jamaica's music chart FiWi Choice, are in. Here are the top-10 songs for the week, in numerical order.

WEEK 1: January 13-17

Kartel and Spice at the Rampin Shop video shoot. - File Photos

Song title: Rampin Shop

Artiste: Vybz Kartel and Spice

Voting code: 06

Rank: 1

Song title: Last Man StandingArtiste: Vybz Kartel

Voting code: 02

Rank: 2

Song title: Spotlight

Artiste: Cameal Davis

Cameal Davis

Voting code: 18

Rank: 3

Song title: I Am Not AfraidArtiste: Etana


Voting code: 01

Rank: 4

Song title: Gimme Lickle

Artiste: Beenie Man

Beenie Man

Voting code: 11

Rank: 5

Song title: Bad Man Doah CryArtiste: Shaggy


Voting code: 21

Rank: 6

Song title: Bend Over

Artiste: RDX


Voting code:07

Rank: 7

Song title: So Special

Artiste: Mavado

Voting code: 08

Rank: 8


Song title: On The Go

Artiste: Mavado

Voting code: 09

Rank: 9

Song title: Another Bill

Artiste: Tony Rebel

Tony Rebel

Voting code: 04

Rank: 10

Following the week of voting, some winners were decided for the categories of nominator, lucky voter and highest voter. The winners are as follows:

Lucky nominator - Ruddy Paisley (wins a Digicel phone)

Lucky voter - Stacy-Ann Bromfield (wins a Digicel phone)

Highest voter - Dwayne Linton (wins a Digicel phone


January 19, 2009

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