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Southside residents block road

Residents of Southside, Kingston, blocked a section of South Camp Road yesterday, protesting against the police detention of their alleged area leader.

The placard-waving residents, mostly women, even moved their protest to the Gold Street Police Station where they loudly declared that Horace 'Puggu' Ramsey was no troublemaker.

The police kept the protest under control. Debris used to block South Camp Road was also cleared quickly and they maintained a presence in the area.

"More than 24 hours pass and wi no si dem release him yet ... . Wi waa know what going on 'cause a dem man deh protect wi. Him nuh give trouble," Peaches, 27, said.

Residents explained that Ramsey is the key player in peace-keeping attempts in the community. "A Puggu mek people nuh trouble wi dung ya. A him mek man naw come rob and kill wi off," a resident added.

The Kingston Central police say Ramsey is linked to a number of shootings in the division, stemming from a feud with a rival community.


March 6, 2009

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