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Lisa Hype gets nude with Kartel - Explicit promotional photos for new single

Krista Henry, Staff Reporter

Lisa Hype (left), Black Ryno (in background) and Vybz Kartel onstage at the Hype TV Awards ceremony for the music industry, held at Seymour Avenue on Thursday, February 26. - Winston Sill

Deejay Vybz Kartel might be raising a few more eyebrows again with the release of some more explicit promotion pictures with himself and Portmore Empire's Lisa Hype.

THE STAR received the pictures yesterday via email from Vybz Kartel before being released in the streets. The photos will be used to promote the collaboration between the two artistes in a song titled Come Whine Fi Mi.

In the photos, up and coming artiste Lisa Hype appears to be completely nude, with various shots of Kartel using his hands to cover Hype's breasts and private parts. While in other photos, Hype is wearing Kartel's jacket and using her hands to shield her breasts.

Something fresh

When contacted, Kartel explained, "The song is called Whine For Me produced by Adidjahiem/Notnice records, it's Lisa Hype featuring Addi Di Teacha. The people miss collabs like this in dancehall, so with the success of the Rampin' Shop we just followed up with something fresh, fresh artiste like Lisa Hype who is signed to Adidjahiem/Notnice and is the official first lady. So it was only right to start of her year with a bang."

This is not the first time that Kartel has used raunchy photos to promote a new collaboration. Late last year, photos of Kartel and Spice circulated in the streets and on the Internet to promote Rampin' Shop, with shots of the two in bed together with Spice dressed in just her underwear. While these photos are more raunchy, unlike the collaboration between Kartel and Spice, the song Come Whine Fi Mi is completely clean and fit for airplay.

The song touches on the issue of marriage as Kartel deejays, "yuh know di love inna mi heart fi yuh a bloom," with Lisa Hype responding, "mi vow till death do part we nah go bruk di rules." With such a tender song and explicit pictures, persons might wonder if the two are involved. However, Kartel stated that they are not involved romantically.

This is the latest song from Kartel who has other songs out, including Come Breed Fi Mi featuring Indu, U A Mi Baby and the recent release of his latest video for the single Mamma.


March 13, 2009

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