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Ascot High's Jamaica Day

Anthony Minott photos - Ascot Primary's dub-poet group recites a poem, 'Blackman Story', during a Jamaica Day celebration at the school recently.

Ascot High School recently celebrated Jamaica Day with other schools from Portmore.

Activities started in the morning with students wearing the national colours and consuming traditional dishes.

The real action, however, started in the afternoon. Standout performances came from renowned Sunshine city group, Portmore Dancers. Portmore Dancers created excitement in the venue with their acrobatic flips and strength manoeuvres to the spiritual, Redeemer.

rocked to the rhythms

Also getting in the action was Ascot Primary's dub-poet group, which recited a poem, Blackman Story. Portmore Missionary Prep and Ascot High School beat drums as the audience rocked to the rhythms, while Bridgeport High School dancers taught the youngsters a lesson in the Dinki Mini dance.

The teachers at the school received the greatest applause, as they did sign-language piece. After the teachers left the stage, their greatest fans, the students, rushed to greet them.


March 28, 2009

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