June 16, 2009
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Coke Zero launched in Jamaica

From left: Muhammed Abdullah, senior territory manager for Coca-Cola, Caribbean region; Karen Rosen, group marketing manager at Wisynco; Eve, international recording artiste and Christopher Harding, Wisynco country manager pose for the cameras at the launch of Coca-Cola Zero at Truck Stop on Sunday night. - Francine Black

Good music, party vibes and the non-stop flow of Coke Zero characterised the launch of the Coca-Cola brand in Jamaica at Truck Stop on Sunday night.

Many popular dancehall artistes and entertainment industry personalities were out in their numbers to sample the new drink and see the roll out of an advertising campaign for the drink, which will feature dancehall artistes and music.

"Coca-Cola Zero's personality is different to our other brands, and our marketing will reflect that, with some fresh ideas we haven't tried before," said Muhammad Abdullah, senior territory manager for Coca-Cola, Caribbean region.

He added that "since it's launch in the US, Coca-Cola Zero was voted the hottest new product by AOL, second only to the Apple iPhone. We're bringing Jamaican's the excitement and innovation that they have been longing for."

marketing campaign

The drink, which is primarily targeting youth between 17 and 24 years old and is sugar free, will see a marketing campaign featuring advertisements by Chino, D'Angel and Serani. In addition, a new dancehall rhythm called Coca-Cola Zero has been created and while artistes have already recorded songs on the rhythm, it will be made available for other artistes to voice tunes.

"It's what consumers would least expect, great taste but with Zero sugar. The product is edgy and innovative. In fact, it has been a phenomenal success in the more than 85 markets worldwide in which it has been launched - and we know that Jamaica will be the same," said William Mahfood, managing director of local distributor Wisynco.

At the the launch, D'Angel, Serani and Chino advertisements were mixed in the with music being spun on the turntables by Coppershot. D'Angel performed some of her songs including First Lady and her new Coke advertisements.

Chino also performed some of his popular songs such as Ruff It Up, Protected and ended his set singing his father, Freddie McGregor's song, So I Will Wait For You.

Afterwards patrons partied away, but all ensured they grabbed at least one of the free six packs of Coca-Cola Zero being given out, before heading home.

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