June 20, 2009
Star News

May Pen mayor warns dumpers

Chairman of the Clarendon Parish Council and mayor of May Pen, Milton Brown, has warned persons who continue to store building material alongside the road network in the parish, saying the council will be getting tough on offenders.

"The matter of citizens dumping building materials on our roads is illegal, has been causing us a lot of traffic hazards, and a lot of safety hazards. The parish council has taken the decision that we will be taking all actions necessary to force people to desist from this practice," said Mayor Brown.

He noted that restraining orders have been signed to be issued to a number of persons in parish who are violating the road space. These restraining orders, the mayor said, would be out and in the hands of the guilty persons to have them prosecuted.

enforce the law

Mayor Brown pointed out that there has not been any prosecution of guilty persons recently but the full force of the law will be meted out to citizens dumping building material alongside main and parochial roads in Clarendon.

He added that where the breaches occur, councillors in the respective divisions in Clarendon have a responsibility to have persons reported to the parish council. He also noted that there is a compliance officer at the council, who deals with such breaches. Municipal police are also working with the council to enforce the law.

THE STAR has seen a noticeable increase in the number of cases of persons accused of dumping building material on roads in Clarendon, causing traffic hazards. It is a practice which is most common among persons building houses near to roadsides. Some operators of concrete block establishments in the parish are also guilty of the illegal practice.

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