July 15, 2009
Star Entertainment


Remember to vote as this Friday July 17 only 8 of the Top Ten will go through for a chance to become the 2009 Digicel Rising Star.

- Peta-Gaye Clachar photos

Brown Sugar, Age 23 vote number 444-5501

Another church-grown young woman from the second city of Montego Bay, Mitzie Campbell, aka Brown Sugar, has music running through her veins. Interestingly, the woman likes to sing, but hates to compete, and says that is the most difficult part of Digicel Rising Stars for her. She grew up in a small community in Bougue, where everybody there is like family. She also doesn't intend on having a career outside the scope of the music industry, saying proudly "there is no Plan B!"

Sandy Smith, Age 26 vote number 444-5502

Sandy has conquered two major talent contests, coming first with her family in the Tastee Talent Contest and second in the JCDC's Gospel Song Competition, and now she's looking to show off her talent to more Jamaicans through Digicel Rising Stars. The born and grown Kingstonian is not looking at entering the music business with an "if it doesn't work out" frame of mind, saying that it's already working out. "It's the Creator's plan! He created me to do this, to do music", and she just might be right. Her parents and grandparents are musicians, her uncle is popular dancehall act Mr Vegas, and she's now ready to make a name for herself.

Stratdon, Age 23 vote number 444-5503

How did he get from Geddes Ferguson to Stratdon? He grew up in the Kingston 8 area, and asked "what else?" when questioned why he picked music. A past student of Wolmer's High School, Stratdon really loves music and claims it gives him a real joy to be able to sing and perform. He loves music so much that he doesn't have a 'Plan B', just in case, but says he has interests in the business field.

Crissy & Winston vote number 444-5504

Winston auditioned for Digicel Rising Stars as a solo act, but didn't make the cut. This year, he called on his talented niece Crissy to help him and the two formed a duo to wow Jamaicans.

Crissy Robinson, Age 19

From ever since, with her parents and grandparents, Crissy has been on the music scene. From Karaoke to parties and link-ups with friends, Crissy's been making use of the well-oiled pipes God has blessed her with. She plans to continue school as a nurse as her backup plan to music, but the Mountain View homegirl has her eyes squarely set on the big time.

Winston Ramsay, Age 19

"I was born a talent, and that will never change," boasts Uncle Winston. He tells us that only music could soothe his spirits when he was a child and his mother had to put a radio by his head to relax him to sleep. He grew up in Mountain View, and sees himself in music for the next five, 10, 15 years.

Angele Smith, Age 26 vote number 444-5505

Through mom and dad, Angele got involved in music at church from a tender age of four, and growing up in Westmoreland helped him along. His vibrant community, he says, is filled with actors, artists, singers and dramatists. He says the creative world is where he belongs, and if music doesn't cut it for him, he'll do visual art, modelling or acting ... just something to keep his creative being alive!

Princess Tia, Age 17 ot # 4445506

From the 'tourist capital' Negril, Suzanna Brooks grew up in 'the garrison side' of the town. So in love with music is Suzanna that she can't picture herself not singing. She has been around music since the age of four, and performs in hotels with her musician parents, who have their own Mento band.

Stachel Smith, Age 18 ot # 4445507

From Jonathan Grant High School to Charlemont High School to Digicel Rising Stars. Born and raised in Spanish Town, Stachel is ready to expose herself to the public and get a feel for what it's really like to be in the music biz. She has ambitions to become a nurse, in case her quest to make it in the music business doesn't work out, but she's not banking on that, saying instead "that's a distant plan B." But why doesn't she have a 'stage name'? Smith simply says "it never came to mind. I love my name, and so I used it."

Dennilee West, Age 18 ot # 4445508

"I have a talent that God has given me, and I want to use it up to the best of my ability", says the no-nonsense 18 year old Spaulding High school past student. Hailing from Mile Gully, Manchester, and growing up singing her lungs out in church, Dennilee has hopes of finishing up school but not compromising hr intrst or lo of music and prhaps bcoming a flight attndant.

Moments ot # 4445509

These two friends bonded at Old Harbour High School, recognised the possibilities to create timeless 'moments' with trailblazing harmonies, and they haven't looked back since.

Andrew Banner, Age 20

This Old Harbour High School alumnus says that he decided to enter Digicel Rising Stars because he really wants to make it in the business. He says if music doesn't work out for him, he'll consider working with his industrious Dad who is a contractor. Growing up, he's always been around music and loves the feel he gets whenever music is near.

Fabian Allen, Age 22

The other half of the duo Moments also went Old Harbour High School. While music is his passion, Allen is a certified line mechanic with speciality in repairing high tech machinery. The humble young man has been singing since, as he puts it, 'long long time' going way back to the days of his early childhood in church.

Adena Myrie, Age 26 ot # 4445510

"My name is unique and it stands out, or at least I hope it does!" says Adena Myrie. A past student of the Queens High School, Myrie has always been singing in church and says that music is simply her 'comfort zone'. Adena wants to go back to school to study Business Administration. When asked about her tough St Andrew community of Whitehall, the bubbly young lady simply said "It's the best place in the world!"

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