July 24, 2009
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Matterhorn - man of many names

Tony Matterhorn - File

Selector Tony Matterhorn is a man of many names. He is 'Mentally Ill', the 'Man From Mars' and 'Mr Fully Loaded'.

Even his stage name, Tony Matterhorn, he said he got from smoking Matterhorn cigarettes before his performances.

He said his other name, 'Mentally Ill', he got when he played in New York.

"That is the dark side of Matterhorn. I got that name from my days of clashing with Addies. Me even mek people tek off dem shirt and light it. Bounty Killer call me 'Mentally Ill To Kill' based on weh him hear seh me gwaan wid a New York," Matterhorn told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The other name, 'Man From Mars', is his alter ego.

Matterhorn says: "Man From Mars is the transition from selector to artiste. Mi kinda futuristic. Man From Mars was my way of telling people that I am going to deal with the place wicked. It's not Matterhorn doing the songs dem, is the Man From Mars."

Matterhorn is also 'Mr Fully Loaded' for doing well at the show of the same name, normally held at the end of July each year. He said he received the title in 2000 when the event was held at the Fort Clarence Beach in St Catherine.

He said he will always remember that staging of Fully Loaded because of the storm-like rain that took over the beach. That year, hip-hop star Wyclef Jean performed in the pouring rain. However, as soon as it was Matterhorn's time to perform, the rain stopped.

"No care who perform, all when dem bring some big acts, dem still cyaan go round Matterhorn on the beach. Mi command the beach every last Sunday in July," Matterhorn told THE WEEKEND STAR.

- Sadeke Brooks

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