November 13, 2009
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A Gaza and Gully Christmas
Krista Henry, Staff Reporter

Vybz Kartel (left) and Mavado at Sting in 2008. - File

Tis the season to be jolly, and while that is usually reflected in the 'feel good' songs that are released during the Christmas season, the Gully and Gaza Christmas songs have turned the holidays into a war zone.

Last year with over 1,500 people killed for 2008, in the midst of an economic recession deejays Busy Signal and Assassin sought to spread a little Christmas cheer. The two released Dun Wid Di War and Christmas Time Is Here Again, respectively. Christmas Time Is Here Again, begins with an extract from the Christmas carol, O Come All Ye Faithful.

Instead of celebrating the Lord, Assassin deejays, "Me no waa no gift, no, my wish fi di Christmas a seh nex year di shotta dem no so vicious, police killings goin stop be suspicious, we pray to the Almighty to stay with us."

Before this, Christmas carols done in Jamaica were not uncommon with Elephant Man's Gangsta Christmas and Bob Marley and the Wailers Sound the Trumpet (Christmas is here). Who could forget an off-key Elephant Man singing to the borrowed beats of Joy to the World for his track Tall Up Tall Up and Carlene Davis' Santa Clause, Do You Ever Come To The Ghetto.

Since the start of the year, the murder rate stood at 1,198 at the end of September. While years ago Bounty Killer gave out a warning in his song, Run Come Up Inna Mi Magnum, not even the 'warlord' got as graphic as the recent Gaza Christmas by Vybz Kartel and Blak Ryno and Gully Christmas fromMavado, Flexx and Savage.

Gully Christmas was released first, at the end of October with a catchy Christmas meets dancehall beat and cutting lyrics.

cutting lyrics

In the song it says, "Santa nah come a gully side mi go a Norbrook push di K inna him neck, when him nah look ... tell Santa mi a di grinch fi Christmas, move an inch, yuh dead when dis buss, nah do nutten fi di Gully dat we discuss come fi mek Santa big belly buss."

On the heels of Gully Christmas came the Gaza Christmas in which Kartel and Ryno go on a war path against the Gully. Kartel sings, "Gaza man done kill Santa Clause... pam rapa pam pam." Further stating, "this is not a Christmas treat."

While Christmas songs have not experienced wide airplay in the streets, and on radio beyond the Christmas season, on Christmas has already got over 20,000 views with Gaza Christmas following close behind.

According to Shaun Anderson from Coppershot, Christmas songs get good airplay leading up to Christmas, but they have a short life. Anderson said, however, "I think the people will definitely gravitate to the Gully and Gaza ones cause those artistes are running the place now and Christmas is also Sting time, so that will definitely give it a boost. But I think people will want to hear the other ones like Matterhorn's one, which is a mix-up one for the girls." Tony Matterhorn's song is called Christmas Weather.

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