November 18, 2009
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'Million dollar' mystery girl

Melissa Grant - Leighton Levy

"Who's that girl?" That's what thousands of people have been asking since the posters and billboards were mounted and the television commercials began running a couple of months now, promoting the 'Million Dollar Mawnin' (MDM) competition.

Dressed in a sizzling black leather, micro-mini dress, showing off her perfect derrière and long shapely legs, 'that girl' has been raising temperatures right across the island over the past two months generating incredible levels of interest from both men and women. "People have been asking if she is real, if we got her off the internet, saying that they can't believe she is Jamaican," said Valton Craigie, an account executive at Waterworks advertising agency, of the public's reaction to Melissa Grant, a 26-year-old model from Portland, but who currently resides in Kingston.

Craigie reveals that both men and women have been expressing interest in Grant, who for the past five years, had only appeared on a few posters and made a cameo appearance in a dancehall video featuring an upcoming Mavado, Wayne Marshall and Voicemail. The former Titchfield High School student tells THE STAR she has always loved to show off her God-given qualities.

"Growing up I've always wanted to do modelling," she said. "I like taking pictures and posing."

her animalistic appeal

She said that when she auditioned for the part in the MDM campaign she was told that she was the person for the job even though there were other girls waiting.

"There were prettier girls but none that had her animalistic appeal," said Craigie, who conducted the auditions along with Guinness Brand Manager Gareth Geddes. He added that she also had other qualities that impressed them.

"She carried her sexuality effortlessly," he said, explaining that she was not cocky even though she knew she had vast amounts of sex appeal. She knew she didn't need to flaunt it.

A trained cosmetologist, Grant knows exactly what it is about her that gets men excited.

"You know, it's the bottom," she said of the asset of which she is very proud. "Who wouldn't be?" she said. Friends, she said, have told her that they are seeing her show off her big bottom, which in recent times, has grown a little smaller - by two and a half inches - since she has been working out at the gym. She also said that a friend who works at a bar in Portland called her to tell her that a 50-something-year-old man, on seeing her on the MDM poster, claimed he had to meet her before he dies. "People are excited to meet me," Grant admits.

hopes to enhance her studies

Very excited indeed. "Overall response to the competition has been great; to her, overwhelming," Craigie said while revealing that initially when the campaign began they were worried that her sex appeal might overshadow the competition itself. Laughing, he urged consumers to look to the right on the MDM poster once they have had their fill of Melissa.

Alas, Melissa is about to migrate to greener pastures where she hopes enhance her studies in cosmetology and perhaps pursue a career as an actress. She wouldn't mind though, if this campaign creates other modelling opportunities for her.

She needn't worry. Based on the public reaction to Melissa there are currently plans to use her in several other campaigns, Craigie revealed. "I feel she will have a great career as a model," he said.

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