December 29, 2009
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Should Christians use sex toys?

Dear Pastor,

Greetings to you and your staff. I am a Christian and I am married but my husband is away. He has filed for me but, as you know, that takes time. He is also a Christian. We promised to be faithful to each other but sometimes I am so lonely. Sometimes, when he calls me at nights, he says he is lonely too. He calls me and tells me that he wished he was with me.

I was talking to one of my church sisters, who is also married and whose husband is away, and she told me that she bought a dildo and whenever her husband calls, while he is talking to her, she uses the dildo and it helps her to feel good.

I told her I didn't know that Christians could do that. So, I decided to write to you to find out if it is right for a Christian to use these things.

Lonely wife, St James, Jamaica

Dear Lonely wife,

I hope that very soon everything will go right with the filing and that you will be able to join your husband. You want to know whether it is right for Christians, particularly married couples, to use sex aids and sex toys.

Counsellors differ in opinion. Personally, I do not advocate or condemn. I do know that a particular sex toy, which I will not name, can enhance the sexual act when it is used by both spouses. But, I emphasise, I wouldn't want to state what it is here. The use of toys and sexual aids is a matter of choice and I don't believe that being a Christian has anything to do with that. However, again, I say counsellors differ.

Have a happy New Year.


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