January 16, 2010
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Miss Thing gets nude in video

Ms Thing

Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

With a raunchy video circulating on the Internet, dancehall artiste Ms Thing says she has no problem appearing nude in the raw version of her Bonify music video.

The sexually explicit video for the song, which is a collaboration with Psycho Tanbad, surfaced on the Internet recently. The video was done by Terminal 4 Media, while the song was produced by Dre Skull, from New York.

But there is also an edited version that has been on local TV for a few weeks. The raw version, Ms Thing says, is strictly for the Internet.

In the first scene, Psycho Tanbad lays on top of Ms Thing, with both of them appearing nude. At some points, Ms Thing's breasts are exposed but both their lower bodies are slightly blurred. There is also a scene where they are in a shower together, hugging and rubbing down each other. Her breasts are also fully shown here. She is also nude while in the Jacuzzi.


When THE STAR contacted Ms Thing, she confirmed that she was nude and does not have a problem with that.

"I had on underwear in the Jacuzzi with my breasts out. I was actually nude for most of the scenes," she said laughing.

"It's dancehall and raw entertainment. Everybody like it so far. They (fans) are a little bit surprised but most people loving the raw version."

For Psycho Tanbad, making the video was an exciting experience.

"It did alright, exciting and everything. A nuh something normal. We know weh wi a get wiself inna. It was enjoyable," he said.

Adding, "Mi prefer the raw version and most people in the streets prefer the raw one. Everybody prefer that side 'cause a dancehall."

Based on the nature of the video, one would question whether or not the two are in an intimate relationship. When asked about this, however, Psycho Tanbad said, "no comment," while someone was heard laughing in the background.

But Ms Thing is not concerned about persons who have a problem with the nude content in her video.

"Not at all. As artistes, no publicity is bad publicity. I am not gonna let people use negativity to bring me down. I am just going to continue to do my thing," she told THE STAR, while noting that she will soon release another song with Psycho Tanbad.

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