February 18, 2010
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Shebada's birthday bash 'drags' in crowd
Krista Henry, Staff Reporter

Shebada shows off his versatilty on the dance floor. - Colin Hamilton

Actor Shebada may have been billed as the main attraction for many patrons at his birthday bash held last Tuesday at the Green Gables Theatre, but at the end of the night he was not the highlight of the show.

After hours of waiting for the birthday boy to make an appearance, which he did shortly before 3 a.m., Shebada was upstaged by some colourful male cross-dressers who took to the stage in a dance-off. The male cross-dressers were being watched throughout the night as they met and greeted each other energetically in soft voices. When Kartel's Pon di Floor was played, a male in tight white pants became the centre of attention when he started gyrating to the song as women gathered around him to cheer.

In one swift movement as Shebada and Lisa Hyper left the stage as the final act, five cross-dressers showed off their acrobatic moves. Doing a series of splits reminiscent of a cheerleading act, the cross-dressers wined up a storm as they showed off their moves. When Bicycle was played, a cross- dresser pulled up his top to show his waist which was moving at top speed.

The crowd rushed to the stage whipping out cameras and phones as they laughed or watched in amazement. Soon, however, a stage manager rushed on telling the selector to cut the music and the lights were cut onstage. It wasn't the end of the show for the cross-dressers who started a minor stampede when an argument broke out and then gave 'queenly' waves to patrons as they left the venue.

loyal fans

Prior to that, it was a long wait to see the birthday boy who came out in full black when Lisa Hyper was performing. Hyper did a number of songs such as Bills and Champion Bubbler, at which point she called out Shebada to 'dagga' him. Shebada had Hyper on the floor as Hyper showed off her skills but was no match for the flexible Shebada. Shebada showed off splits as well, went on his head top - as did part-time emcee Bad Boy Trevor.

Just before Hyper, Professor Nuts, Apache Sarge and Chief as well as Milk performing her song Flossy kept the crowd occupied. The event, while not rammed was full of loyal fans who kept the energy going throughout the night from when the event kicked off at midnight with host Ragashanti.

Ragashanti was his usual colourful self as said, "All mi ghetto girls sey whooii," which they did. He then called on three girls for a dance-off as they grabbed Raga for a piece of the action. Chu Chu was soon called on as well as he danced for the crowd before Bad Boy Trever took over.

Left: Lisa Hyper pins Shebada to the ground during her performance. Right: A few cross-dressers took the excitement onstage.

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