March 12, 2010
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We are still not together - D'Angel
Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Beenie Man with son Marco-Dean and estranged wife Michelle 'D'Angel' Downer. - File

Despite doing a song together and declaring that they still are married, D'Angel said she only shares a parental and musical relationship with her estranged husband Beenie Man.

In the song, You Are My First, which was released earlier this week, D'Angel sang, "My yute yuh a mi first man/ Dat mek yuh mi husband/ No other gal can love yuh like me/ So tell mi what di hell yuh did a do wid Bar-bee?/ Mi stuck inna yuh life and dem caan get mi out/ Nuh gal caan step inna di first lady house."

As for the relationship between himself and Bar-bee, Beenie Man responds, "a music thing." He continued, "Mi have mi wife a mi yard inna lingerie, she hot/ Some gal nuh have it/ Hotness is a gift/ A you a mi wife so a you alone mi kiss."

The song comes as somewhat of a surprise, as the two went through a very bitter, public break-up in 2007, after getting married in 2006. However, in recent times, the two have made appearances on stage shows performing together. And they seemed to be on good terms at their son's, Marco Dean, birthday party in November.

With the release of their song, there has been a lot of speculations as to whether or not they are back in an intimate relationship. When asked, D'Angel said, "no, we are not."

"We have a great parental relationship and that is something that is going to be eternal. And we have to set a good example for Marco-Dean. We have to be role models," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"We have to show the world that regardless of what we have been through, we can deal with everything maturely and amicably, instead of a public charade when we have a situation. People have to know as adults how to settle disputes without going into the public with it."

This is their second collaboration, having done One Man in 2006. On this occasion, D'Angel said they decided to do the song for their love of music.

"It's just music. You can't be prejudice when you doing music. I want to build a legacy in music. He's a hitmaker. Beenie Man has been in music for 30 years. Who wouldn't want to do a collaboration with Beenie Man? Music is bigger than us," she said.

"Beenie is my child's father, so it is good that we can still come together and do music for the people 'cause that's what people know us for."

When asked if the song is a publicity stunt, D'Angel denied this, explaining that she does not need to do that at this point in her career.

"No, I don't have to collaborate with Beenie Man to get publicity. D'Angel is out there. We don't do music for publicity, we do it for the love of music. D'Angel is not a poppyshow. I'm above that. If I'm to do anything, it has to be from the heart," she said noting that her songs and music videos have been getting regular rotation.

Being the workaholic that she claims to be, D'Angel said she will be shooting the music video for Hot Gal A Road soon and one for You Are My First is already in the works. And, she is busy promoting songs like Come Over and Womaniser. In addition, she said she will be hosting her birthday party on April 10 at Club Jamaica Jamaica, St Ann, featuring artistes like Beenie Man, G Whizz, I-Octane, Tifa, Nesbeth and others.

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