April 1, 2010
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Residents recently chased away a 19-year-old funeral home worker from a St Andrew community after he was allegedly caught fondling a dead woman.

The bizarre information reaching THE WEEKEND STAR is that some two weeks ago the young man was caught caressing the cold body and rubbing on the dead woman's private parts.

A police source said they have heard of the incident and are trying to verify the rather unbelievable story.

"We heard some story like that recently..We wouldn't have a formal report but it would be nice to get facts because it sounds real weird," Corporal Douglas Wright of the Area 5 police told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Attempts were made to speak with the owner of the funeral home but he is said to be off the island.

However, when the office was contacted, someone who answered the telephone laughed when asked about the incident and said, "Yu haffi talk to di boss bout dat."

Residents, however, are adamant that the case occurred and even went on to claim that such an action was not unbecoming of the character who they describe as 'freaky'.

quick errand

"A di same people dem weh him work wid come tell wi. Di same yute dem weh him par wid a work come mek wi know wat a gwaan," Kevin Saunders, a 25-year-old resident said.

Another resident, Paul Howell, said, "It sound a way eno but trust mi wi know di people dem naw tell no lie pon him ... Is a yute weh move different still eno. More time him do some tings weh nuh normal man naw do."

According to them, the accused man's co-workers visited the community and told them that he was no longer employed to the funeral home after the alleged act.

Residents said they heard that the man was one of two employees who were left to put clothes on a dead woman who was to be buried just a few days later.

One of the men is said to have told the other he was going to run a quick errand and left but returned quicker than expected and walked in on his co-worker who was said to be standing over the deceased woman with one hand rubbing parts of her body and the other hand in his pants.

"Di yute tell everybody a di workplace and dem run him and then tell we wah gwaan so we run him to," Howell said before adding, "Is a yute weh dem ketch a masturbate under one tree and deh pon him phone wid one girl aready eno, so wi know a nuh lie dem a tell pon him. Plus him not even seh a lie, when wi tell him seh him affi leave di place him jus pack up him things and lef di next morning."

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