August 4, 2010
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BUCKFIELD MAN KILLED BURNING SPEAR KIDS' MOM ❒ Man shot by lawman in video murdered her
Carl Gilchrist, STAR Writer

Makeba Rodney is in deep thought. - Contributed

THE STAR has learnt that the woman who was murdered last week in Buckfield, St Ann, by a man who was himself shot by a cop, was the mother of two of Reggae superstar Burning Spear's children.

Much has been said about an incident in which Ian Lloyd was allegedly shot by the police, while lying subdued on the ground. The incident was videotaped by a resident and has caused quite an uproar since with some persons lashing out at the cops while some have sided with them for their action.

stabbed to death

However, little or nothing has been heard or said about 66-year-old Lovelita Wilson, the woman who eyewitnesses said Lloyd savagely stabbed to death, resulting in him being cornered by citizens and the police being called.

Wilson, who was also called 'Cherry' and 'Jill', was the mother of Spear's first child, Makeba, and also Marcus Rodney. Both Rodneys expressed shock at their mom's slaying and claim that justice has been served with Lloyd's death. Makeba told THE STAR that she was upset about the portrayal of the incident on television.

" ... When I saw the clip of what the policeman did to the man ... , I was like "My God, man dem nuh haffi do him so bad!" but when I hear di full hundred of what happened, because my mother wasn't the only one that he stabbed after, him stab after a young miss and the shopkeeper who tried to help my mom," she said.

She denied that her mother was stabbed about a money issue. "She went to get something at the shop and I heard the man get up and seh him feel like him could a kill somebody today and is just so it happen, that my mom was the victim and that's very sad."

Makeba said that while she wasn't very close to her mother "she wasn't a bad person, she used to stop by and we sit and we talk, wonderful person, get along with anyone."

While saying that she understood why viewers have reacted negatively to the video clip, she was asking that; "They should really look into what the man did before the cameraman step in. I'm upset about it because everyone is saying the policeman wicked, them shouldn't shoot the man like that, but at the same time, him nuh have no right fi tek my mother life."

"The bible seh an eye for an eye, the Lord said leave all vengeance to me and guess what? Whatever you live by, ah dat you goin die by". Justice prevail, that's how I see it, justice prevail," she said. "My condolences go to the family member of the deceased but at the same time justice did prevail."Burning Spear, whose real name is Winston Rodney, is a two-time Grammy winning reggae star. He is known for other hits such as Tradition, Man in the Hills and Slavery Days.

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