August 9, 2010
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Self-praise is no recommendation

with Miss Kitty

Waah gwaan mi people unnu mussi a wonda a weh mi deh and how unnu nuh hear from mi but mi did jus a tes if unnu miss mi an by di sound of tings unnu warm mi heart wid unnu emails cause mi did miss unnu to! Di diva deh yah though an still naah focus pon nuh locust!

Speaking of which mi haffi touch a topic weh sum people woulda waan nuff a wi feel bad bout. Sum people love fi seh self prasie is no recommendation because yuh mus mek smaddy else tell yuh. When mi analyse it mi nuh totally agree wid it entirely because if yuh no believe inna yuhself a who ago dweet fi yuh?! True seh fisherman naah go seh him fish stink but if you is a good fisherman over di years mi ting yuh can claim yuh title. We all write our own recommendation and must be able to honestly acknowledge when we've done a good job or not.

If yuh a hairdresser, nurse, plumber, doctor or security mi no tink yuh haffi wait pon somebody else fi point out if you a do wah yuh supposed to do. If smaddy ask you if you good at what yuh do weh yuh ago seh "mi no know ask somebody else"? We write wi own résumé and if wi can't big up wi self a when wi six-foot-six wi might jus' a get di accolades.

There is a marked difference between being confident and arrogant but sometimes the former is confused for the later. Nuff people will seh yuh "hype" jus chu yuh love yuhself and think well of yuhself and it would only please dem for you to think low of yourself because their minds are in the gutter. Jus because you love yourself doesn't mean that you suffer from narcissism, it just mean seh yuh ago waan better fi yuhself and go fi it. Confidence also has another component of not being self-righteous and as such you will be able to treat people with the same respect you would expect.

very important characteristic

Nuff time people a act up, a fi dem own inferiority complex a bite dem! Confidence is a very important characteristic because lack of it can stifle yuh life and yuh growth. Lack a confidence can mek people give up dem dreams and when yuh nuh have dreams yuh life come een like a living nightmare! People who have little or no confidence all ignarant fi you cause you have yours. Many don't step out for the job, the promotion, the education or di partner weh dem want because a lack a confidence. If di slave dem neva have the confidence and determination fi go 'gainst slavery we would not have been able to celebrate 48 years of Independence!

We haffi tek time out to pat ourselves on the shoulder for a job well done but because a jealousy and badmind nuff no want to give to Caesar wat is due to him. We must take the time out to build and believe in ourselves so we can live our best life and actualise our dreams. Yuh cyaan follow dutty badmind people an mek chu dem yuh feel guilty fi succeed chu dem stagnant, dat a fi dem problem mi love! Sometime yuh haffi nuff inna life if a egg yuh haffi inna di red!

Even if you try and fail at least you would've tried and can make a better second attempt. Anytime nobody a come wid dem negativity jus' run dem and mek dem know don't hate on you because you're good and have raised the bar.

Tell dem fi fix dem flaw and join you because the ladder of success is never crowded at the top! There is a vibrant subculture where persons want you to feel guilty fi succeed and as such nuff people fraid a success. Chu dem fraid people ago seh dem rich an switch or dem a sell out an a gwaan like seh dem betta dan people. Many dont aim high and find solace in mediocrity. Lie dem a tell.

If somebody ago feel a way chu u a step up inna life, to me it betta dem feel a way dan u stay bruk an pauparise! Kick out sum a di stumbling block from inna unnu life and aspire fi greatness. Everybody's circumstance may be different but the resilience of the human spirit and the audacity of hope run chu wi veins; is jus fi tap into it an mek it happen. We must endeavour to aim high and set high standards and even if yuh no reach di heights nobody cyaan seh yuh neva apply yuhself.

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