August 30, 2010
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When is a relationship worth fighting for?

with Miss Kitty

A coulda wah do sum man-royal, ginja-toe, arawak-wrangla grazmite gal an dem hungry belly shark tales fren a disturb people phone bout "gweh mi man no waan yuh"?! In a modern time weh X6 a drive, vacation a tek and good life a live gal really a call an a pest people phone?!

First ting if you did 100 per cent sure seh yuh man no want di girl yuh wouldnt call cause you dont see har as a threat, but from yuh call and do so repeatedly it mean seh she upset yuh equilibrium big time and she a gi yuh a run fi yuh money. She have yuh ticket! It is always ironic to me that the man is least attacked or blamed for his desire to wanna step outside the relationship which may be justified or just selfish.

Women are so quick fi waan class up the odda woman when a yuh man who need a leash. Sum a dem meet di man inna him galis stage and tink marriage and pickney a go change dem and when dem get trick they want to place the blame on everybody else except themselves and their unreal expectation. Unless you are a magician, women need to get out of the business a try fi change man. You can influence and impact a man's life in a positive way yes, but it haffi be a change him want fi mek inna him heart.

Nuff time gal a walk a road an a talk how people mash up dem relationship when di man a neva fi dem inna di first place! The man only physically deh wid dem but he emotionally checked out a long time ago. Dem inna a 'we singular' relationship and don't even realise it. They try to make everyone else to be the villain without taking an introspective look and taking some responsibility. It dont mek sense yuh call bout di woman cuz if is not she it gonna be somebody else. Fantasia man seh is not she break up him marriage; it did dun one year before and now di wife waan blame di girl fi har problem. If har coop did clean di cock wouldn't stray!

no style no swagga

Wah can ignarant mi a when sum a dem waan style yuh and dem cyaan even walk inna yuh dutty yaad slippas at no time to how dem tan bad! Crawniness dash weh pon dem and dem need a recall fi born ova! Dem fava when u tek dutty dish towel an lick dawg and tuff like handcuff. Dem no have no style no swagga dem cum een like Coke Zero dem no have no suga! Sum a dem quick fi point out who big and naah see seh fi dem bigness cover up an well siddung pon an a cause dem a bag a stress! An if a gal have so much fault and yuh man still deh pon her like white pon rice or up to di time like mi G-shock, dat mean seh you must be a big handicap sallybug caw if yuh did so perfect him wouldn't gone no weh! wooiiee mi fluffy body!

If it's a situation where the woman pon di side a molest di woman at home, den she have all right fi class, cuss and string up who fi string up. Nuff man have matey too so no bodda tink unnu exempt! A nuff Joe deh bout and dem extra busy during lunch! Yuh have sum gal who brazen and become a menace inna di people dem and deserve any dis wah dem get. You and di woman no plant gungo a line so she deh pon fi har acre and yuh hol yours. Customarily if di woman a yaad have her ratings di man will mek sure seh him business unda tight wraps but sometime we woman love fi gwaan like we naah dash out and have man too!

Nuff a we a do di tings dem and when di man gi yuh back a taste a yuh own medicine yuh waan tek God offa di cross an nyam bible leaf like yuh innocent! Him cyaan stop yuh from do your ting and yuh cyaan stop him neither!

The debate as to whether we were born to be monogamous or it is based on how we are socialised will always be food for thought and discussion. Being a nuisance to who not even count yuh or rate yuh naah go bring yuh happiness and it naah go mek yuh stop look like Sawboss! Don't trouble who naah trouble yuh especially when yuh nuh inna di people dem league! A healthy, loving and romantic relationship is worth fighting for, but why fight if you're the only one fighting? Putting down others will not bring you gratification and it won't make him love you any more.

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