September 9, 2010
Star Tell Me Pastor



Choking your partner while having sex
Dear Pastor,

I am writing from the United States of America. Choking is stopping someone from breathing. The practice of choking the woman while having sex should be discontinued, if the woman wants to stay alive. However, I see the other side of the coin. Holding tight onto the other partner gives you a greater thrill. But couples have to be aware of the position they are in.


Dear N.M.,

I am amazed that some people think that there is such a great thrill in being choked while having sex. My understanding is that some women ask their men to choke them while they are having sexual intercourse.

Couples who engage in choking seem to like it, but those couples need to be warned that some people have died after being choked during sexual intercourse. There are so many other things couples could do to get thrills during the sexual act, apart from choking.


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