November 1, 2010
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Four Jamaican women are reportedly among six persons arrested during an anti-prostitution drive at the former Mayfair Hotel in West Bay Street, Bahamas, on Friday.

According to an article posted on (a Bahamian website), the drive follows reports of prostitution at the West Bay Street establishment which was reportedly 'shutdown' two years ago.

Chief Superintendent Emerick Seymour, Officer in charge of the Central Police Station, in The Bahamas, said at least one man and a woman will be charged early this week.

In addition to prosecution, Seymour said the Jamaican women may face investigation by the Immigration Department on the legitimacy of their presence in the country.

"We have been doing our intelligence, and in addition, we have been getting some complaints of unscrupulous behaviour being perpetrated by individuals at certain establishments ... So we have in recent days arrested at least six individuals; two Bahamians and four foreign nationals and we are conducting our investigations into the behaviour of these individuals. I can also tell you that we expect to charge at least two of them," the officer was quoted as saying in the article.

The article also claimed that The Tribune also conducted its own investigations into the activities at the former Mayfair hotel as it appeared that operations at the reported brothel were up and running despite its reported shutdown.

"From a secure location, witnesses observed one of the 'handlers' for the women, who are said to be housed in the complex, approach three American male tourists and offer them the girls' 'services' ... In plain sight of the Fort Charlotte Police Station, the man asked the group if they were interested in purchasing any women for the night."

The article then continues, "Avoiding his remarks, the men continued down the street, despite being followed and assured by the handler that whatever they were seeking he could supply."

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