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March 8, 2011
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All in the family - Cousins Protoje, Don Corleon share their love for music

Star artiste of the month, Protoje. - Gladstone Taylor

As well as being the producing force behind singjay Protoje, producer Don Corleon is family to the upcoming star.

Older cousin to Protoje, according to the STAR of the month, he and his cousin have long had a close relationship. "We grew up together in St Elizabeth, he lived right beside me. We went to the same prep school and high school - Munro College," Protoje said.

He added, "Growing up, I was always interested in stuff he (Don) was interested in. He was the first person to bring sound tapes to me, he was very much into music from long time."

Protoje recounted that growing up, the two were always in trouble, and he said his cousin was always a very on-time person, a lesson Protoje, too, soon developed along the way.

Don Corleon

The two started out in music forming the Vendetta Sound, but while Don later focused on his production work, Protoje went away and came back to Jamaica to pursue a career on stage. It wasn't until 2009, however, that the two finally begun to work in studio, as Corleon allowed his cousin to develop as an artiste before working with him professionally. Protoje said, "Looking back, it was the best thing he coulda done. him not giving me an easy way means a lot to me now. I didn't get into music with a gold spoon in my mouth, so to speak, I had to learn a lot."

He added, "Don is a good yute, he's simple, and just love mek music. When we work together, we're very professional. I respect him as one of the best producers in reggae and he respects me as an artiste and gives me the freedom to express myself."

- Krista Henry

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