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April 8, 2011
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Container Satdazs set for tomorrow

Promoter Ian Miles (in red top) is surrounded by members of his Container Crew at a previous staging of Container Satdazs. - File

Regent Street in Denham Town, Kingston, will be transformed into 'the club in the street' this Saturday, when Container Satdazs takes place at the Miles Wholesale Liquor Store.

The event, which is held every other Saturday, is to feature several selectors, such as Venom International, Fire Child, Fire K, DJ Bauge, Goldfinger and Wessy Wessy.

Ian Miles, promoter of the event, told theSTAR, "Di party have a crazy vibe. Dem selector yah although yuh probably nuh hear bout dem suh much, dem have it. Dem a shot. Everytime the party keep it draw out a big crowd a people. It come in like a club inna the street."

Several giveaways of items such as fans, blenders and foot spas will be done throughout the night.

whole heap of giveaways

"Wi ago have whole heap of giveaways, an everything cheap. a man can walk wid $1,500 an come party an feel good, buy nuff liquor because wi have di special dem. An yuh nuh haffi worry bout safety, police a patrol same way," said Miles.

Tomorrow's edition of the party is themed 'A Touch Of Blue' and Miles explained the dress code saying, "Just wear sumting blue wid a piece of sumting else, blue and sumting, a touch a blue," he said. Prizes will also be given for females with the best 'touch of blue'.

He urged all to come out early for the party, as it will be held between the hours of 8 pm and 2 am.

Container Satdazs is sponsored by Red Bull, Magnum and Appleton - all of which will have special deals on these products, with Red Bull being sold extremely cheap at the bars and free mixed liquor before midnight will also be available.

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