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May 16, 2011
Star Tell Me Pastor


Tired of hussy's boring sex
Dear Pastor,

I am a married woman and I know that you will not agree with me, but I cheat. My husband doesn't have a clue that I do, but I am tired of his boring sex. So I know how to get my satisfaction.

I am 39 and my husband is 49. We have been married for 10 years and we have one child together. He had two with another woman before we got married. He is a good man, but he is poor in bed. He doesn't like to try new things. Regardless of what I do, he just wants straight and conventional sex, no excitement.

secret boyfriend

When it comes to sex, he is lazy. I like a man to work me, so I got myself a secret boyfriend and although he is married, he makes time for me. I know it is not right, but it is my husband who has caused me to go astray.

When this man and I have our time, he goes home to his wife. I don't want a single man because he would want to see me too often. We have sex in hotels, in the car, at his house when his wife and children are abroad, and on a boat.

We don't give each other gifts because that would give us away or make everybody suspect us. What we are doing is not right, but sex with my husband is boring. My boyfriend told me his wife does everything. So he fixes me up and I go home satisfied. If my husband would change, I might change but I don't see him changing. So see with me.

Cheating Wife.

Dear Cheating Wife,

You are, indeed, a proud cheater. As I read your letter, I was hoping that you would have said that your husband and you went for counselling. What you have done is to blame your husband for your behaviour. No, say what you want to say, curse me as much as you can, but I must tell you the truth. You are cheating because you are a bad woman. You are not a good wife. I repeat, you are bad.

You have not just cheated once or twice - it has become habitual, and you are shameless. You are not good. Your purpose in writing to me is to tell the world that women are more clever cheaters than men.

You plan well, but one day you may make a mistake and your husband will find out. And woe be unto you when that happens. So, please stop now before it is too late.


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