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July 26, 2011
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Rasta held after sex assault on goat

A Clarendon man could be slapped with a bestiality charge this week if at least one resident comes forward to give evidence against him, following an incident in the fast developing community of Spaldings last Friday.

THE STAR learnt that a well known Rastaman from that community was allegedly spotted by a policeman and two community members about 5 p.m., with his shirt out of his pants standing behind a female goat.

It is understood that on seeing the police, the man fled the scene after he was called to by the lawman and the community members who asked him what he was doing. It is further understood that the man whose dwelling place is known by the police was not seen for the rest of that day.

THE STAR learnt that the Rastaman was eventually picked up by the police Saturday morning for questioning into the incident. He reportedly explained that while he was with the goat, he was not having sexual intercourse with the animal.

It is understood that when he was asked why he ran from the scene when he was called to; he told the investigator that he did so because he had a ganja spliff; and was afraid that he would have gotten into trouble with the law.

eye witness

But a male resident reportedly told the Spaldings police that he witnessed the man having intercourse with the goat on Friday, before he was spotted by the police and the two other residents.

The witness is to visit the police station this week to formally report what he saw, for the police to pursue a case against the 'Dread'. A community source told THE STAR that another resident who claimed that he saw the Rastaman having sex with the goat, reported that the female animal's sex organ was examined by its owner.

"The goat was examined by the owner and it was discovered that the vagina was swollen and had some bloody substance coming out of it. Dem man ya fi chase out of our community. We do not want any goat molesters in our community, because we want to know that the mutton we are buying to consume is clean," said the community member.

If after the police carry out their investigations, and it is proven that the goat was molested, the man will be slapped with a charge of bestiality.

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