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August 16, 2011
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Rasbert Turner, Star Writer

Some St Catherine residents are so distressed by a pastor's wife who constantly cheats on him with a young stud that they have slowly deserted the popular church where he preaches.

THE STAR was recently told by a source that the attendance at the church has slowly decreased after news of the 42-year-old woman's fling with a young man began spreading.

Reports are that the congregation was rather large and vibrant until recently when news of the woman's affair became known in the community. The exodus is said to have been further caused by the fact that it was declared that the pastor is aware of his wife's cheating but has remained with her.

"The wife is very serious about her young flesh. When di pastor gone to work anywhere outside the community di young bwoy inna har bed," a resident said.

They further explained that as soon as her older husband left the matrimonial home the young stud has been seen slipping into the house for his fling.

When THE STAR visited the community a number of residents expressed that they could not understand how the woman could be so cruel to the man who has been quite helpful to her. They said that she had three children before the marriage and since the marriage he has been quite good to them.

"Di preacher man look like him blind," one resident said. "Him still de pon pulpit a preach about people must respect dem marriage."

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