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September 16, 2011
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Passengers trick taxi men, take them for joy rides


Several taxi drivers operating within the Corporate Area say they have become targets for persons who solicit their service but cannot pay the fares.

When THE WEEKEND STAR spoke to a number of cabbies, they complained that in recent times there has been an increase in the number of persons taking them for "joy rides".

One driver said, "A serious ting a gwan, wha day yah me pick up some girl a come from club a New Kingston, dem say dem a go Olympic Way, when mi reach dem just jump outa the car and run go through one lane, nuh money mi nuh get."

Another cabbie said, "One Sunday mi get a work fi go Southboro ova Portmore, mi normally feel out the passenger dem first before me move off like ask dem if dem have change but dis time it slip me."

He said that while he was on the journey, he questioned the passenger if he had change. "Him say no but when him reach him will get change. When mi reach, him go through a likkle pathway, mi think a di corner house him go ina but mi si dung out deh a wait fi bout half hour and him neva come back," the cabbie said.

The men say even though they are faced with the problem, they have not made any reports to the police.

'bruck foot'

"Mi just call dat a 'bruck foot', any taxi man whey tell yuh say dat neva reach him yet him just start drive taxi," he reasoned.

"A waste a time dat yah man, police cyan help we and worse a nuh all a we have red plate," another taxi man expressed.

Furthermore, the men explained that they try to be as cautious as possible in order to minimise the instances of falling into the con man's trap.

When contacted for a comment, a police source told THE WEEKEND STAR that sometimes reports are made to the police but on "very rare" occasions.

He explained that many taxi operators fail to file a report because for them it is really not a "significant amount of money". He added that many might also feel that reporting the matter would be 'baseless' because they would have to see the culprits again so that they can be pointed out to the police.

In the meantime, he noted even though many taxi operators might not take it seriously, the act is a form of larceny and persons can be prosecuted under the Road Traffic Act.

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