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September 29, 2011
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Ity and Fancy Cat apologise to Beenie

Ity and Fancy Cat. - File

Comedians Ity and Fancy Cat say that they are apologising to deejay Beenie Man for any embarrassment that a recent skit done on their popular show may have caused.

In the skit, aired on the 'Ity and Fancy Cat show' on Sunday night, an actor depicting Beenie Man was seen going to the house of his estranged wife D' Angel. While at the house, the actor was confronted by a Shebadda lookalike who mocked the deejay about his skills as a good husband. D'Angel and Beenie Man's four-year-old son Marco Dean was also mentioned in the skit.

In an interview with a popular entertainment website, Beenie Man, however, said that he was not amused by the comedians' show. The website stated that the deejay who is currently going through divorce proceedings with his wife of five years, D' Angel, believes the skit appeared to ridicule his family in a disparaging way.

"Ity and Fancy Cat need to leave Marco Dean outta dem comedy ting. I am an international artiste, so if dem want to ridicule me, that is fine, that is no problem, but not my son," the deejay is quoted as saying.

He further said: "That was in really bad taste, and dem need fi know wah dem a do because dem a diss my family now. My son is only four years old, him attend school, and dem a try disrespect my family and have Jamaica ah laugh after me and my family. Whatever dem a do, dem need fi just leave Marco Dean outta it."

Beenie Man

When contacted by The STAR, Ian 'Ity' Ellis said they have not heard from 'The Doctor' or his wife personally. However, he said, "we regret any embarrassment we might have caused him and his family that was not our intention."

He added, "what we do first and foremost is comedy, spread jokes and laughter. We've never used our skits to make a serious point, the only thing we do is push laughter. Me make jokes bout anything that's in the public domain."

The comedian said that Beenie Man is not the first entertainer, nor the last, that will be featured on the show in that manner. He added, "we're just reflecting what's in society."

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