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October 7, 2011
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The long-awaited battle of veteran sounds

Silver Hawk


The Guinness Sounds of Greatness TV show moves full steam ahead tomorrow when the 'Hawk' takes on Bodyguard. Round two of the Guinness Sounds of Greatness competition saw Round one winners Bredda Hype and Rich Squad going head to head and Rich Squad emerged champion in the keenly fought battle.

For the next battle, two veteran sounds will vie for 2011 supremacy as old pals Silver Hawk and Bodyguard will trade musical punches for the first time ever in sound-clash history.

The Hawk to soar again

Born from the collective musical obsession of production geniuses Clevie and the late Steely, sound-clash giant Silverhawk is ready to soar once again.

But what's in a name? Selector Richie Poo reveals that the sound got its name from Steely who had a silver bike named the Hawk. The sound came alive in the heyday of sound clashes in Jamaica as many music enthusiasts established their careers by going toe-to-toe with other sounds to prove who was best. The sound has established a name for itself the world over, having 'killed' sounds right across the globe on many occasions.

Richie Poo reveals that today most sound clashes lack substance as often entertainers are unaware of many of the founding fathers of the practice and lack the ability to take the audience on an evocative musical journey. This phenomenon he describes as a lack of talent or '20/20', as they are often only able to play 20 top songs in a mere 20 minutes.

As the sound owners began to focus more on production, the sound eventually became dormant and remained so for many years. However, the Hawk is making a grand re-entry in the Guinness Sounds of Greatness and is the fulfilment of the wish of late owner Steely.

Having already launched its re-emergence, Richie Poo contends that participating in the Guinness Sounds of Greatness competition will be a further launching pad as it will give the public a taste of its musical prowess.

Richie Poo says that he did not make any special preparation for this competition as he is always in tune with what is going on in the business. He is, however, excited to be able to once again thrill his audience while schooling them.

While acknowledging Bodyguard as talented, Richie Poo says the two have never clashed before as often they would be at different locations internationally. A battle of old giants, as he describes it, Richie Poo says he will demolish them in three rounds. Round one - killing, Round two - 'nine night' and Round three - the burial.

Bodyguard promises a clash full of surprises

Inspired by sound system giants such as Kilamanjaro, Jah Love and many others, Bodyguard has been one of the many sounds which strengthened the clash culture in Jamaica. And it was its uniqueness, quality of dubs, and creativity which formed its mainstay in the industry over the years.

Bodyguard was born in the spring of 1988 and has established itself as a clash sound. The sound comprises Johnny (based in the US), Junior Vibes, Fiyah Wicked and Big Mack. Selector Junior Vibes, who will be leading the charge against Silverhawk, joined the sound in 1996 and said he will have at his disposal foundation dubs as well as current hits.

Even after more than 20 years in the industry, Junior Vibes reveals that the sound continues to be a cut above the rest and will remain that way, and that unlike many entertainers of today, the sound is able to battle professionally while not losing any entertainment value. Vibes promises a specially shocking dub plate for this clash.

This confident selector is convinced that Bodyguard will emerge the champion at the end of the competition. A lover of all genres of music, he contends that he takes the energy to the audience and has the ability to keep them on a musical high throughout his set.

While welcoming Silverhawk back to the dancehall, Vibes had a few words of caution: "Yuh run up inna di wrong soun", Silverhawk - every fedda gone".

Watch sound clash history being made this Saturday at 9:30 p.m., when Silverhawk meet Bodyguard for the first time, only on TVJ.

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