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November 9, 2011
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Tommy Lee happy with career

Up-and-coming dancehall artiste Tommy Lee, who is signed to Vybz Kartel's Portmore Empire, says he is happy with his musical career and that Gaza fans have welcomed him with open arms.

According to the artiste who has been creating a buzz for himself on the dancehall scene, "I feel good about the respect that I am getting in the streets right now. I'm thankful for what the world boss has done for me so far," he said.

The artiste hails from Sparta, Flankers, in St James, and has been a part of the Gaza camp since 2009. However, this level of his development he credits to Popcaan and Milla 9.


"Mi always a mash up stage shows everywhere mi guh, and mi si Popcaan a one stage show and tek him numba. Him always a seh mu muss come a town but mi neva too tek it serious. Mi mash up another stage show and den mi get a link with Milla 9 and him sey mi muss link wid di teacha and den mi wait till a next year and decide sey mi ago change mi life. Mi get fi voice fi Notnice, then the thing start tek off," he said.

According to Tommy Lee, Vybz Kartel gave him an opportunity to improve his standard of living.

"A him mek mi reach this level right now and getting better every day. A good youth still, him deh a studio wid wi every day, even more dan wi. Dem man deh a studio till it open and close," he said.

The artiste first got major attention with his street anthem Warn Dem, which has got over 100,000 views on YouTube.com, and this, he says, was destiny.

natural tune

"Mi just hear the rhythm and seh it bad, and mi start seh Warn Dem enuh, and the rest just happen. Mi neva expect that still. It was just a natural tune," he said.

The artiste says that while he is finally making his mark in Kingston, he is well known in other parishes where he performs on a regular basis.

"Mi perform a UWI and mi neva know seh dem wudda know mi song dem, but mi get nuff love up deh, but at Negril, MoBay and dem place deh, a dey suh mi eat my food," he said.

Tommy Lee says that he is getting favourable rotation over the airwaves, and the Gaza fans are supporting his music.

"I meds what the people want and give it to them. My fan base is mostly youth. My fans are the future, dem can relate to mi song dem and feel my pain," he said.

The artiste is set to perform at Sting in December, and will leave the island in upcoming weeks for St Vincent, along with Gaza prefect, Popcaan.

Tommy Lee is currently promoting his new singles Stocking Up The Paper and Graveyard which have each received over 80,000 views on YouTube.com already.

"Look out fi mi cuz, di thing a tun up pon di streets," he said.

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