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December 21, 2011
Star Tell Me Pastor


Stepfather fondled me
Dear Pastor,

From I was 10 my stepfather fondled me in my anus area. I am now 18 but the memory of the ordeal still affects me. When it happened I told my mother about it. She did not believe me. We still share the house together.

Can you, please, give me some advice on the matter?

Sexually Abused

Dear Sexually Abused,

You are old enough to stand up to your stepfather and warn him that you will report him to the police. You should also tell your mother what you intend to do and warn her that if she tries to punish you by beating you, you will tell the police that this man has been fondling you from you were 10, and you told your mother and she did nothing about it. You should also tell a relative such as an aunt or an uncle of what this man has done, and that your mother has done nothing about it. Do not keep quiet about the matter.

I will also suggest that you call a family counsellor and ask for help. If you do not know where to go, call my office and set an appointment. I will see you and your mother on the issue. Remember, I will not see you alone, your mother has to accompany you.


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