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January 18, 2012
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Kiprich says ... MERCILESS TALKS TOO MUCH - Caused his own demise at Sting

KipRich, outfitted in army fatigues, brushes aside Merciless during their clash. - Winston Sill

Dancehall artiste Kiprich believes veteran artiste Merciless caused his own demise at Sting. According to the artiste, who flew to Africa after tasting victory at Sting, "Merciless talk too much!

"Merciless is a man weh love a bag a talking, and mi nuh guh a Sting fi dat," Kiprich said.

The artiste also countered claims made by Merciless that he was not given enough time to perform his songs.

"Merciless got space and gap to deejay, but him chat too much. Now him a cry and complain like a girl because him dead. Him a try find excuse," he said.

Kiprich said that his victory came as no surprise, because Merciless was not on his level lyrically.

"First of all, his lyrics weren't matching up, so the people weren't pleased at all. Him just chat and flop himself," Kiprich said.

The newly crowned Sting champion revealed that he overestimated Merciless, and that despite expecting victory, he was surprised at the poor performance.

"I expected better lyrics, because him have a lot of ghost writers, plus him have experience ... . Mi neva expect him fi be suh weak," he said.

Since his demise at Sting, Merciless vowed on a local television show that he would clash Kiprich again anywhere a stage show permits.

However, Kiprich has other plans. "Mi naah war with him again, mi bring casket, that mean him bury. Mi cyaah dig up casket and war wid duppy. Plus, in the feud he was doing some campaigns and saying some things I did not like, suh mi dun wid deh bredda deh ... . Right now, a just music mi a pree," he said.

The artiste disclosed that he has a good following in Ghana, and that Jamaican music is growing.

"Right after Sting I flew out to Ghana to perform for a sold-out venue. Busy Signal was there too and the patrons loved it. Both reggae and dancehall a gwaan good in Africa. Even our dance moves popular over there," he said.

Kiprich has already recorded a slew of new songs, including Nuh Bruck Di Law produced by Big Ship Records and Ravin Non-Stop featuring Flexx produced by DJ Frass.

The artiste has plans to do music videos for all of the recent singles.

"Fans can look out for videos for all the new singles, because this year it's all about being visible. Also, look out for more exclusive songs, because though an artiste may benefit from a clash, it is important to do songs for the world, because you cannot tour on clashes," he said.

Kiprich also hinted at plans of creating his own label to be called Nuh Behaviour Records, which he believes will give him the opportunity to expose new talents.

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