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January 28, 2012
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'High grade' scent lands labourer in court

Rasbert Turner, Portmore Star Writer

A Portmore man who boarded a taxi with ganja and told the cabbie to drive before the scent overtook the vehicle was convicted in the Spanish Town RM Court recently.

The accused, who drew attention to himself by telling a cabbie to drive quickly or the 'high grade' would scent up the car, was fined over $20,000 plus 30 days' imprisonment.

Greater Portmore resident Philip Stewart, a 25-year-old labourer, gave himself away as one of the passengers in the vehicle was a policeman, who immediately detained him.

Stewart, who pleaded guilty with explanation before Resident Magistrate Marcia Dunbar-Green, was hit with fines totalling more than $20,000.

little ganja for mi personal use

He told the court the drug was not for selling purposes but for his personal usage. "Your Honour, I only get the little ganja for mi personal use, mi never a deal in it. The five pound could last mi about three month for mi smoking purpose," Stewart said.

Stewart was fined $8,000 or six months for possession, and $16,000 or six months' imprisonment for dealing in ganja, plus 30 days hard labour. Dunbar-Green told the accused that he needed to be protected from himself.

Detective Corporal André Brooks of the Portmore Police Station told the court that on December 19, he was a passenger in a taxi which was boarded by the accused in Spanish Town. He said the accused started behaving boisterously after placing a bag in the car's trunk.

The policeman said that his colleagues intercepted the car in Portmore. A search was conducted and ganja was found inside the bag, which resulted in Stewart being charged with possession and dealing in ganja.

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