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January 28, 2012
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cops seize Uzi

Clive Blair

Recovered along canal in Five West, Greater Portmore

THE St Catherine South police on Thursday took another illegal weapon off the streets of Portmore - a Uzi submachine gun with a magazine and two rounds of ammunition.

An easily concealed gun, the Uzi is the choice of weapon for gangsters the world over. The weapon was recovered by the St Catherine South police along the canal in Five West, Greater Portmore.

Superintendent in charge of operations, Clive Blair, said it was the first submachine weapon and sixth gun recovered by the division since the start of the year.

"We were acting on information," Blair said. "Recovering this gun is telling that we're still doing something good based on the intelligence we're getting," he added.

Last year, St Catherine South led the nation in the recovery of illegal guns - 92 - up from 68 in 2010.

The division also saw a reduction in the number of citizens killed - a drop from 149 to 125.

With its special squads such as the street-crimes unit and fugitive-apprehension team revved up for another year, the thrust remains the same for 2012.

"This year, the aim is to recover as many guns as possible and persons wanted for various crimes in the division, plus an increase in road activities. The concern is that guns and drugs move all over the island on our roadways, so we have to increase road policing," he said.

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