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February 23, 2012
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14-y-o pregnant for PASTOR
A well-respected young, energetic Clarendon pastor has not only fallen out of grace with the top brass of the administration of his denomination, but also with the members of the Church after he is said to have impregnated a girl in her early teens.

THE STAR has learnt that it was recently revealed that the pastor, who was said to be very helpful, and was a motivator of especially youths in his community, has been having occasional romantic affairs with the girl and she is now carrying a child for him.

According to a source close to the situation, the girl, who is 14 years old, is expected to give birth for the man of God within a few months. The matter is said to have sent shock waves throughout the Clarendon community as well as in church circles

THE STAR has gathered that the administration responsible for the church, which has a large membership, has asked the young minister to step aside because of the embarrassment.

"Boy, I am so ashamed of the man. Can you imagine that a man who preached against things like worldly living by many of us as sinners, turn around and commit worse than what even I would have done? The man should not have got himself involved with a teenager that young. If it is a case where his wife could not satisfy his sexual urges, then he should have gone to look for a big woman," said a community member.


The community member, who said he was a fan of the preacher, expressed his displeasure with the frequency with which several church leaders who hit out against immorality are being found guilty of committing them, themselves.

"How can a pastor like that come to me now and come tell me seh me should not go around looking some young girls? I am not the one who is in that hot water right now, but really and truly I am ashamed of the behaviour of this church leader; but I hope the leadership of the church will forgive him because there are several more like him still behind the pulpit," remarked the community member.

THE STAR has learnt that since the incident, even the members of the pastor's family have stopped going to the church, as persons in the community and members of the church have not been quite receptive of them.

The young pastor has not been seen for several weeks there either. It is not clear as to whether or not he has been transferred to another church or out of the parish. When THE STAR spoke to someone connected to the church, he said that he strongly believes the young pastor should be counselled, forgiven and placed on probation like others who have committed similar sins.

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